Why Reach for the Stars?

Recent data suggest that while more females are being enrolled in MPhil, postgraduate and certificate levels and in BA and BSc programmes, however, it is in the professional and technical courses where female enrolment is still significantly lower especially related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Education. Centuries of discrimination have kept women from entering education, and even in the modern world, we are reeling under the effects of it. Traditionally, women are also discouraged from pursuing technical education. In the underprivileged sections of the society, where finances are tight, parents have a preferential bias towards sons of the family to pursue higher education, especially in technical fields. These Girl scholars enrolled on our portal have broken the traditional roles assigned to them and have dared to dream big! They have cracked some of the toughest government exams in the country to get into prestigious institutes while overcoming challenges that girls have to face especially coming from an economically weaker section. It is hence a collective responsibility that the society has to support these bright girls in pursuing their dreams. Reach for the Stars is one such small yet very important initiative in helping these girls by facilitating funding support from individuals and other donors.

What do we provide in RFTS to the students?

The students can enrol on the portal by filling in the form and their profiles will go live once the Prayatna team verifies all the details filled in by the student. The profile will display ‘Candidate Verified’ stamp on their profiles. Once the profile goes live and the student is approved by the donor, they will get financial support which includes, tuition fees and hostel/mess charges. The students also get enrolled in the mentorship programme, where we assign them with mentors within their field of study, which helps the students understand the field they are entering, the job prospects of the field, how to draft a CV and how to channel their professional lives. The mentorship also helps them navigate socio-emotional skills, which are helpful in adjusting to changes in colleges, their work environment and life in general.